Baroness Jenkin: Speech on Commonwealth Day in House of Lords

On March 16, following Commonwealth Day, Baroness Jenkin spoke in the House of Lords on polio eradication and Global Citizen's 'level the law' campaign. She highlighted the progress achieved, as well as focused on the urgency needed to ensure we can build a more fair and just world:

"In these uncertain times, the Commonwealth has a real, legitimate chance to be a major power for social good in the world. Like the noble Lord, Lord McConnell, I am a former adviser to Global Citizen, which, with many other NGOs, is working to support Commonwealth nations to collectively address discriminatory laws and ​practices, including gender-based violence—barriers that keep girls and women from realising their full economic and social potential. In the spirit of the sustainable development goals, Global Citizen believes that, by demonstrating the political and financial will needed to achieve a polio-free world by 2020, we can ensure that no one gets left behind."

Watch here: