Parliamentary Cross Party Dinner on International Development

CFID were delighted to be associate hosts alongside our colleagues from the Labour Campaign to International Development (LCID), Liberal Democrats in Development (LDID) and the SNP for the Coalition for Global Prosperity's cross-party dinner on International Development on 13th May in the House of Lords.

The event brought together senior parliamentarians from all of the four major political parties, to discuss the future of international development and how we can work together to alleviate global poverty.

Attendees agreed that Britain is at its best when it acts as a global leader in development. This is not just about our values, and doing what it right, but about making the world a safer, healthier and better off place for all of us.

Parliamentarians from across parties discussed how they could work together and agreed that development is an issue that unites them across party lines and that the world’s poorest should never be used as a political football.

Conversation focused on the need to celebrate global progress on combating poverty, tackling climate change and promoting British values of democracy and freedom of the press around the world.