Priti Patel MP: The world is sleepwalking towards catastrophic famine – Britain will help prevent this

This year the world is facing numerous humanitarian crises which, taken together, are on a scale not witnessed in recent times.

Before this week there had been only one certified famine globally since 2000. Today, parts of South Sudan are now in famine and there is a credible risk of famine in Yemen, north-east Nigeria and Somalia. Drought and conflict are pushing families to the brink of starvation.

That is why today I am announcing new support, combined with a call to the international community to ensure 2017 is not defined as a year where people died of hunger and drought on a catastrophic scale.

As a nation, we face a choice. With parts of the world on fire, can we ignore the despair beyond our borders? Or do we use our global influence and leadership to confront these challenges head-on?

So far the international response to these crises has been inadequate. We are sleepwalking towards...

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