Private Meeting for Parliamentarians on the situation in Yemen

On Thursday 10 January, Conservative Friends of International Development (CFID) and Oxfam held a private meeting for Parliamentarians with Dina El-Mamoun, Head of Policy and Advocacy for Oxfam Yemen, to discuss the humanitarian situation in Yemen. The meeting was kindly chaired by Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell MP.

Dina El-Mamoun is based in Sana'a, Yemen, and has been particularly engaged on working with Yemeni civil society around the recent peace talks in Stockholm. She has recently returned from villages in the south of Yemen where she met many families with children who were starving, many of whom had previously received emergency treatment for starvation but their parents could now not afford to feed them. Dina would be happy to provide an update on the situation on the ground, the progress made in the recent peace talks with the support of the UK Government, and what still needs to be done to tackle the humanitarian crisis and bring an end to the conflict.