CFID Statement on War in Ukraine

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28 February 2022

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia has shocked the world. The idea of redrawing borders in Europe and displacing hundreds of thousands of people was long thought to be an act of the past. Unfortunately it is clear that Putin and his regime are set on creating havoc, death and destruction, while sowing misinformation and attempting to steal a country.


Conservative Friends of International Development (CFID) strongly condemns the actions of Putin and Russia. CFID was created to promote international development and to remind members of the value of UK aid and assistance. At this time of need in Ukraine we applaud the UK Government’s tough stance on Russia, her extensive sanctions and her programme of assistance and support to those who have been displaced from their homes.


The provision of aid not only demonstrates the UK’s commitment to helping those most in need, but sees us once again step up and lead the international community. CFID will continue to work with Ministers, Member of Parliament and Peers to promote the value of aid and ensure that the UK plays it part.


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