About CFID

Conservative Friends of International Development (CFID) works to promote effective international development and Conservative values. We aim to encourage enterprise, opportunity and aspiration for every family, no matter where they live; to foster a UK international development policy that tackles the causes and consequences of absolute poverty; and to encourage our members to speak out about the value delivered to Britain by effective aid, free trade and conflict prevention.

CFID was set up as forum through which Conservative Party supporters with an interest in international development could come together, share ideas and act together to promote effective international development. Founded by Anne Jenkin, Matt Warman, Andrew Palmer and Simon Nayyar, CFID launched at the 2011 Conservative Party Conference. Since then we've organised a series of debates, receptions, and networking events. Speakers have included Bill Gates, Richard Curtis, Michael Howard, John Humphrys, Bob Geldof and Justine Greening.

CFID is run by volunteers so we actively encourage our supporters to get involved and help out. Find out more about the team behind CFID, our patrons and the Conservative Front Bench Team.